The Reminding Project

What’s that mean anyway?

The name has three implications:


A Gentle Reminder

Our programs develop the core mindfulness skills comprising focus, awareness, compassion, inner calm, curiosity, and balance. These are skills that we cultivate for everyday life, not just for the duration of the meditations we engage in. This requires us to gently remind ourselves on an ongoing basis to return to these core mindfulness skills whenever a situation calls for them.


To Re-Mind or Rewire

 By reminding ourselves to cultivate the core mindfulness skills, we gradually re-mind, or rewire, our brains such that these skills effortlessly become a part of who we are. Research demonstrates that over time, not only do mindfulness practitioners develop mindfulness as a personality trait, they also increase gray matter density in certain brain areas. As such, practicing mindfulness can seem difficult at first, but over time becomes an effortless way of being. 


To See With Clarity

The words “reminding” and “mindfulness” are derived from the same Pali word that was used by Buddha (the fifth century sage whose teachings mindfulness is based on). This word meant “to remember with clear comprehension what is skillful in the current experience of reality.” This idea of reminding oneself to awaken and see with clarity and intention is of utmost importance when navigating through life and leading others with wisdom.

How does it work?

The name is just the beginning. To see how we incorporate these ideas into our programs, see our services page.

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