Designing mindfulness-based solutions that are systematic, systemic, and sustainable


Our emotional intelligence and wellness programs incorporate evidence-based best practices in mindfulness and leadership to cultivate the wisdom and resilience necessary for leading in rapidly changing and complex environments. Drawing upon the combined expertise and experience of our team in mindfulness, adult learning, and research in business, we develop learning solutions that are systematic, systemic, and sustainable. We use a comprehensive process of research, design, and development to create learning experiences that address root causes rather than symptoms for sustainable transformation.

Corporate Programs

Designing personalized mindfulness programs and retreats for corporate, non-profit, and academic clients

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Downtown Mindfulness

A center for mindfulness programs in Western Mass

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Mindfulness Coaching

One-on-one or small group personalized coaching to delve deeper into core mindfulness skills for greater self-awareness, mastery, and achievement of personal goals

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Curriculum Development

In conjunction with your HR training team, co-creating curricula to integrate into your organization’s in-house trainings

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